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Keto BCAA is the first ketogenic supplement to combine scientifically validated doses of BCAA’s with Exogenous Ketones to help increase muscle recovery and muscle growth, especially for those on the ketogenic diet.
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    Ultimate Keto Stack

    Keto diets rejoice! Finally, a scientifically crafted full-range of dietary supplements designed to keep you in ketosis and improve your performance. Whether it’s a coffee creamer to support fat loss, a nootropic to keep you on point at work, or a clinically dosed fat burner to expedite your fat loss, the Sparta Nutrition Keto Series has a product for you
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Unlike other Ketogenic amino acid supplements, Keto BCAA features the full 5g dose necessary of branch chain amino acids in the studied 2:1:1 ratio.


Ketone Salts: With a 6g Beta-Hydroxybutyrate blend, Keto BCAA will put your body into ketosis faster, allowing you to use fat as your primary fuel source.


BCAA’s: With 5g of BCAA’s, Keto BCAA ignites muscle protein synthesis, allowing you to build more muscle and recover faster from your intense workouts.


Keto BCAA is a high-quality powdered exogenous ketones muscle recovery supplement product on the market today.  Designed to be the ultimate exogenous ketone plus amino acid and BCAA powder combination, Keto BCAA helps expedite your body’s switch to using Ketones as fuel, and then accelerates the rate at which build muscle and recover from your grueling workouts with the inclusion of BCAA’s - all while being completely void of carbohydrates.


Directions: As a dietary supplement to improve muscle recovery and endurance, mix one (1) scoop into 12-16 ounces of water (or to desired level of sweetness) and consume during exercise. To maximize results, an additional serving can be had post-workout.

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