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Keto Coffee is the premier powdered MCT Oil product on the market today, designed to be the low-calorie, low-carb and sugar-free coffee creamer that you crave to kickstart your day
  • Keto Essential Stack

    Keto Essential Stack

    The Keto Essential Stack is made for those who need ketogenic support 24/7. From your morning coffee, to your cardio session, or prior to that 3:00 PM meeting, this stack will deliver you sustained Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts all day.
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  • Ultimate Keto Stack

    Ultimate Keto Stack

    Keto diets rejoice! Finally, a scientifically crafted full-range of dietary supplements designed to keep you in ketosis and improve your performance. Whether it’s a coffee creamer to support fat loss, a nootropic to keep you on point at work, or a clinically dosed fat burner to expedite your fat loss, the Sparta Nutrition Keto Series has a product for you
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Keto Coffee features a unique ratio of medium chain triglycerides, predominantly focusing on Caprylic Acid (C8).  Watch out for other MCT Oil Powder supplements that don’t specify how much Caprylic Acid you are getting. Most of these are using low-grade, inferior MCT Oil Powder.


Benefits of MCT’s: Why MCT’s? Medium Chain Triglycerides are shorter chain fatty acids that are rapidly absorbed and digested by the body to be used for energy. Since they are often used for energy, they are rarely stored as fat and can help give you a much needed pick me up, without the carbs. Studies show they may provide mental benefits and gastrointestinal support as well.


Perfect for Ketogenic Diets: For those who practice the Ketogenic Diet, MCT’s are an excellent addition to one’s diet. Since they promote fat as a fuel source, MCT’s can help guide your body into Ketosis faster. Being a very keto friendly option, this Ketosis supplement is perfect for those who want to continue to use ketones as their body’s primary fuel source.


Low-Carb & Sugar-Free: Normal coffee creamers feature loads of sugar and carbohydrates in order to taste good. Keto Coffee relies on its advanced flavoring system to have world-class taste without the harmful amounts of simple sugars.


Zero Palm Oil: To continue our trend of unmatched quality, we ensured to source our MCT Oil Powder supplement to be void of any palm oil. No Palm Oil helps mitigate and gastrointestinal stress.


Sparta Nutrition went above and beyond, ensuring that Keto Coffee would be Paleo Foundation Certified and Keto Certified. Perfect for those who have an issue digesting lactose, Keto Coffee is 100% Dairy-Free and is free of Cheeses, Milk, Milk Derivatives, Yogurts, Cream, Evaporated Milk, and Caseinates. Keto Coffee is also free of  Grains, Legumes, Artificial Coloring, Artificial Preservatives.


Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop into your coffee, tea or favorite beverage. Stir thoroughly prior to consuming. Multiple servings may be had per day.


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