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Kraken is a pre-workout powder supplement that was specifically formulated to help increase energy, maximize focus, and enhance your muscular endurance through an increase in nitric oxide production. No other pre-workout can match up to Kraken.
  • ✔ Most hardcore preworkout on the MARKET
  • ✔ Clinical dosis
  • ✔ Unseen PUMP
  • ✔ 300 gr/30 servings
  • WARNING: Only for experienced users
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What is in Kraken?

L-Citrulline & Beta-Alanine: Kraken utilizes a whopping 4g L-Citrulline to maximize Nitric Oxide production and the clinically validated 3.2g of Beta-Alanine to increase muscular endurance. Maximizing your pump and endurance helps improve lean muscle mass gains since you can train harder for even longer.

VASO6: The N.O. muscle pump king, Vaso-6 is a patented extract of Green Tea, specifically standardized for it’s Gallate-Enhanced Oligomers. These oligomers are extremely potent nitric oxide precursors, allowing for skin-tearing pumps and vascularity.

TeaCrine: Unlike other pre-workouts that really on dangerous amounts of caffeine, Kraken provides both caffeine and TeaCrine. TeaCrine is unique in that your body does not build up a tolerance to it. TeaCrine also helps increase mood and overall well-being.

HydroMax Glycerol: To further enhance the effects of L-Citrulline and Vaso-6, Kraken contains HydroMax glyerol to promote better cellular hydration. A more hydrated muscle can contract better, further improving upon muscle endurance and pumps.

Zero Compromises: While some competitors try to cut cost by using inferior dosages of key pre-workout energizing ingredients, Kraken is a clinically dosed pre-workout supplement that use scientifically validated ingredients that have been shown to increased endurance, focus, and strength. Utilizing higher quality patented ingredients makes Kraken one of the most premium pre-workout powders on the market.

Directions: Take 1 to 2 scoop(s) of Kraken with 8-10 oz of water and consume 30 minutes prior to exercise and watch your work capacity increase to levels you never thought possible.

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Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Food supplement

Content: 320 gr
Serving size: 1 scoop (8 gr)
Recommended daily use: serving
Amount per 8 gr 100 gr
Vitamin B3 as Niacin 20 mg 250 mg
Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin 5.5 mcg 68.75 mcg
L-Citrulline 2 gr 25 gr
Beta Alanine 1.6 gr 20 gr
HydroMax Glycerol Powder 1 gr 12.5 gr
L-Taurine 500 mg 6,250 mg
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg 3,125 mg
Vaso-6 (Gallate-Enhanced Oligomers) 150 mg 1,875 mg
Caffeine 125 mg 1,562.5 mg
Theobromine (Theobroma Cacoa Extract) 25 mg 312.5 mg
N-Methyl L-Tyramine HCL 15 mg 187.5 mg
Cocoabuterol (Cocoa Extract) Standardized for 50% Cocoa Alkaloids 7.5 mg 93.75 mg
Teacrine 125 mg 1,562.5 mg
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