Kraken Pump

Sparta Nutrition brings you the ultimate caffeine and stimulant-free nitric oxide boosting pre workout: Kraken Pump. You haven’t experienced muscle pumps and vascularity until you have tried Kraken Pump. Kraken Pump features incredibly high doses of some of the most novel and clinically proven nitric oxide boosting ingredients today
  • BEST stimulant-free PREWORKOUT
  • Clinical dosis
  • Pump boosting
  • 310gr 20servings
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A perfect addition to your preworkout stack, Kraken Pump will undoubtedly make each workout one to remember.


VASO6: Two scoops of Kraken Pump provides 300mg of one of the most novel and up-and-coming muscle pump inducing ingredients, VASO6. VASO6 has been shown to be 10x are powerful as L-Arginine at driving Nitric Oxide levels, leaving you with skin tearing muscle pumps.


HydroMax Glycerol: Essential to a good workout is proper muscle hydration. HydroMax ensures your muscles are hydrated enough to maximize performance and muscle contractions.


Alpha-GPC 50%: Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic increasing compound that helps improve mental focus and cognitive energy - all without being a stimulant. Alpha-GPC also has clinically validated data showing it can help improve power output and enhance muscular strength.


Pine Bark Extract: Unique in the nitric oxide boosting game is the use of Pine Bark Extract to help potentiate and make VASO6 even more powerful. Pine Bark Extract contains antioxidants known as Proanthocyanins, which help VASO6 and other NO Boosting ingredient become even more effective.


Clinically validated NO Boosting ingredients at massive doses are a staple in Kraken Pump.  An extremely synergistic formula was crafted together to offer unparalleled muscle pumps and vascularity while simultaneously enhancing your endurance while you train. With the patented and extremely potent VASO6 coupled with Pine Bark Extract for a more efficient Nitric Oxide boost, Kraken Pump takes your muscle pump experience to a new level.


Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 scoop(s) of Kraken Pump with 8-10 oz of water. Consume 30 minutes prior to exercise. Kraken Pump can be added with any stimulant based pre-workout to further enhance your training sessions.

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Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Food supplement

Content: 290 gr
Serving size: 1 scoop (7.5 gr)
Recommended daily use: serving
Amount per 7.5 gr 100 gr
L-Citruline 3 gr 40 gr
HydroMax 1 gr 13.33 gr
Nitrosigine 750 mg 10,000 mg
Beta Vulgaris 500 mg 6,666.67 mg
Coconut Water 250 mg 3,333.33 mg
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